About Us

ww_iconAt EnC Events, we strive to exceed your expectations. We provide comprehensive custom event services for many types of celebrations, including weddings, parties, and corporate events. From personal to business, we create designs that highlight the nature of your special occasion and reflect the unique qualities of our clients. Our aim is to relieve you from the stress that special events can bring, ensuring you can enjoy and are satisfied to the highest degree. With our years of experience in design and coordination, expect an event that will impress all of your guests!



Ella Kim and Christina Lee

After many years working as professionals in design and event services, Ella and Team initiated their vision for collaborative work back in 2012 when they met and dreamed big together. From there, a creative friendship formed and imaginative design emerged from the confluence of their collective talents. Their emerging dream became pursuing the highest quality design and most meaningful event services, all with the goal of achieving the greatest level of satisfaction for clients. They now pool their passions together in creating the most stunning design and event services for your life or business occasion.

Come to their office in Ellicott City and you’ll hear some hearty laughter over humor from past events. Stay late and you’ll find them burning the midnight oil to get the design of your event just right. They make enjoying their work a priority so that it translates into the attitude of the service you receive. Their greatest pride is in seeing clients happy.

Make their experience yours by booking your event with us today.